Topic: 4. Sacrifice and Eucharist (16th-18th Century)

The redemptive role of Christ’s sacrifice was at the centre of early modern doctrinal controversies. During this time, the debate revolved around the sacramental role of the sacrifice in the eucharist and the Mass. This section contains numerous early modern printed sources and images, as well as the related bibliography on the theme (19th-21st Century).

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Aldrete, B.; Rodríguez Mateos, J. - Montero, J. - Archivo General de Andalucía. (Eds.)

Un Epistolario de Bernardo José Aldrete (1612-1623)

Seville: Junta de Andalucía (Consejería de Cultura), 2009.

Altdorfer, Erhard

The Altar of Incense (1534)

from: De Biblie uth der uthlegginge Doctoris Martini Luthers in dyth düdesche ulitich uthgestellet, mit sundergen underichtingen alse men seen mach,Ludowich Dietz 1534

Anonymous / Unknown

Loores del dignissimo Lugar de Calvario (1551)

from: Antonio de Aranda. Loores del dignissimo Lugar de Calvario: en que se relata todo lo que nuestro redemptor Jesus hizo y dixo en el, conforme al texto del sacro evangelio, perteneciente a su passion, muerte, sepultura y resurrection, Alcalá de Henares, Salzedo, 1551

Aulén, Gustaf

Eucharist and sacrifice

Philadelphia: Muhlenberg Press, 1958.

Displaying results from 1 to 20 of 209