The Sacrifiles Database is a digital resource designed to support research into the evolution of religious sacrifice from the Late Middle Ages to modern times. This archive offers a bibliographic repertoire of over 5,000 written and iconographic items, serving as a gateway to understanding sacrificial practices across various cultures and times.

Database Structure

Our database is organized into eight thematic sections, each focusing on a specific aspect of sacrifice in the early modern World:

Types of Documents

The database includes three categories of documents:

  1. Images and Iconography: This category features a rich array of iconography and visual representations of sacrifice, including religious paintings, sculptures, manuscript illuminations, and ritual objects.
  2. Primary Sources: This category includes early modern texts and documents.
  3. Secondary Literature: Encompassing scholarly works, essays, and analyses, this category offers critical perspectives and interpretations.

Browsing and Search Features

Users can intuitively explore content by navigating through the thematic sections and document types. Our database supports both free-field and advanced searches based on period, author, and keywords (such as, for instance, "Abraham and Isaac", "Blood Libel", "Satī", "Islam", "Animal Sacrifice"), ensuring a user-friendly experience. Each result is presented in a detailed entry with all relevant information, including the name of the contributor who prepared the entry, accompanied by suggested related results for further exploration.

Pontormo [Jacopo Carucci] - Scene of a sacrifice
Museo Capodimonte, Napoli ()